Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Silent land

All the time and money behind this film has been donated by a number of partners of Rainforest Concern, a Registered Charity based in UK, established to protect threatened natural habitats and the biodiversity they contain, together with the indigenous people who still depend on them for survival. Rainforests destruction is causing a quarter of the world’s annual carbon emissions - more than the entire global emissions for planes, trains, automobiles and ships.

If you are looking for an unusual but very proper gift - with just £25 you can also sponsor half an acre. Donations will go towards the purchase and protection of some of the most threatened and species rich rainforest in the world, in partnership with local communities. Recipients of the gift will also get a personalised certificate while those sponsoring 2 acres or more will also receive a Rainforest Concern T-shirt.

The campaign target is to purchase and safeguard 70,000 acres of highly threatened rainforest in North West Ecuador in South America, home to some of the planet's most endangered species. This area, known as the Choco-Andean Corridor, also links two reserves avoiding creating isolated islands of rainforest where animals and plants become trapped and unable to migrate.


The wall of condoms

In the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil, on December 1st at World Aids Day, this creative outdoor made of more than 500 condoms was displayed in a lot of places.

Passing byers were invited (the copy sais "Take out a condom and help the fight against aids" ) to take condoms from it, making the word AIDS to vanish. What an effective way to increase awareness regarding the use of condoms, in order to stop AIDS proliferation.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Googled Google

A viral trial for Google Tv Ads.


Make the logo bigger, bigger, bigger :))

Quite hilarious but it seems to be true.
From World Wide Wadio, a message for Christmas!


Fear of the Dark Knight

TheGothamTimes.com launched their online edition with a viral marketing game: the Dark Knight, which is a reflection of the related stories from the print edition.
On www.thegothamtimes.com, if you will inquiringly push on the HAHAHA rip, this will bring you to www.thehahahatimes.com, known as “the joker/vandalized version” of the Gotham Times project.
play it right!

South Park inspired World of WarCraft

A new ad campaign signed by Blizzard, featuring characters inspired and played by celebrities.
Bring in Blizzard’s newest ad campaign. These guys have even targeted the audience making the commercials in French and Spanish.
Learn from Jean Claude Van Damme how to bring out the sheep asleep in you!


BBC: homage to the golden days, but in a new look

At the 10th anniversary of the websit, BBC apperead with its new look on the home page, on a beta format.

According to http://www.guardian.co.uk/media, The redesign marks the first stage of the rollout of new features aimed at what the BBC said was its plan to deliver a "reinvented" bbc.co.uk providing a "world-class on-demand user experience"

You can customise the range and detail of content, and get yourself new widgets. The surprise ist hat each widget is also customisable, and not only for your entertainment. Users will also be able to listen to BBC Radio live directly from the homepage and browse BBC TV schedules.

The home page also presents a "BBC1 analogue clock" in the top right-hand corner, seen as an "homage to the 'golden days' of analogue programming" and "bizarrely reassuring.

Range Rover is pushing the digital limits in 2008

Now, the customers will have the ultimate experience of an online drivetest, thanx to a campaign launched by the company of a luxury sports utility vehicle: Land Rover.
The customers will be driven to a microsite landrover.co.uk/rangerover (not already available) which will support digital and direct marketing for 2008, including the carbon dioxid offsetting program and other plans.
On the sote, yopu will be able to choose the features you’d like to have for your car, an dat the end, you can download the key.
The digital creative director at Wunderman, Say Evangelou: “The press advertising and outdoor make the initial statement and when you go into the site it is the digital extension that is able to tell the whole story. The user’s ability to download while they tour means their journey is uninterrupted. Then later, they can absorb the product.”

Wunderman is supposed to be the largest digital, creative and relationship marketing agency in the UK. Alongside Land Rover, clients include MSN, Learn Direct and San Miguel.


Friday, December 14, 2007

Xmas carol, by MAC vs PC

Cool animated Mac vs PC ad.


Let it snow

Short, simple and paper-free. This is the Christmas message from Connect Advertising.


We're not here for massage,

we're here to reiterate Mindset & JWT partnership from September. JWT decided that time to affiliate with Mindset in Hyderabad, rather than opening an independent establishment.


My favourite YoungGuns 2007 winner

Love the concept. Blow me if I don't get there in time. Here's the winner's list.


Thank you for (not) smoking

via adsoftheworld

Smoking islands: the newest unconventional idea for smokers. From now on, in Germany, you cannot smoke unless you are in this yellow-marked area. One of their national railway companies accepted to transform the stations into real labyrinths. Of course, in order not to get bored while smoking!

Obviously, the final point indicates the contact of a non-smokers community. You can reach it out!


Each day is unique. Just like you.


So you can check each day this holiday-theme calendar, made by Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners agency. Every day you'll get access to a new Xmas flavoured ad. The last one extols the virtues of DeathZone rat poison. It's up to you to find what does Xmas trees and bad manners have in common and a lots of other holiday secrets. Enjoy!


Thursday, December 13, 2007

The good thing about a thought

Frontier TV is a new online portal that provides programs, news and documentaries about today's top social, spiritual, economic, scientific and environmental issues and wants to expose "ethical brands which cannot afford to promote themselves through existing TV networks". "From science to God", "Is science neurotic", "The nature of life" - were a good breath of fresh thoughts for me.

Agency: The Law


The land of regift


Panasonic has launched a new microsite where you can be the star of your own musical. You should visit it...because, as the site mascot says, "rather than regifting those socks you got last year, why not be the gift yourself?"

To be more specific, here you can upload up to six photos, watch your personalized resulted movie and send it further to your friends.


Tricky firmament

Well, that's a cool banner's synchronisation - Justin Long and John Hodgman in a web ad composed of two separate banners. There's a bright traditional 720x90 pixel horizontal leaderboard at the top and a large vertical rectangle on the right side of the page. The ad has been fired out at the end of november but I discovered it today, here.


Street wise

Xmas spirit, empowered by 1576 advertising.


Limited edition

CST London extended the public interest campaign Know Your Limits into the streets of London. 25 black cabs, half-painted as police cars and ambulances have hit the streets of the capital to advocate for safer drinking. The two halves of the vehicles are linked by a simple line of text: 'Don't let a good night turn into a bad one'.


Meet The Slobs


Office Depot launched a new microsite, full of slobs – “creatures that lurk behind cabinets and books, in the space of your office where nobody looks.” Those are made of pencils, keyboards, clipboards, CD albums and whatever you could usually find on a desk or in a Office Depot store.

Here you can create your own slob, but choose carefully because you only have 100 credits to spend on the components. The parts can be resized, rotated or flipped. After your little Frankenstain comes to life you can enter the challenges section in order to win more credits and upgrade him. Here you’ll have to choose your combatant and the site will contact him in order to start the challenge.

I recommend you to visit the Gallery section where you can post a photo of your home made slob and see how other uploaded slobs look alike.

P.S. Scarpy, posted by freek-killer and Penny by Max are my favourites.


Strange voices in New York

You’re a New Yorker? In this case, you could have the luck to encounter alien voices, intimately tickling your years. We’re talking about a billboard for Paranormal State,” a new science-fiction series premiered yesterday on A&E television. The ultrasound technology behind it is manufactured by Holosonic and it’s usually used in quiet atmosphere environments for audio slideshows.

From my point of view, I think this is very intrusive. The passer biers might be interrupted from their toughs or even scared by the strange voice coming so close from nowhere and saying: “Who’s there? Who’s there? It’s not your imagination.”

Monday night, the show premiere pulled 2.5 million viewers, witch means this was the most-watched show for A&E in the last three years, according to Variety.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Just paint it

Andrés Iniesta, Cesc Fàbregas, Carles Puyol, David Albelda,Fernando Torres and Sergio Ramos, all of them soccer players in Spanish national team, gathered together in one november night to paint a big banner with a bigger message: "Being Spanish is not an excuse anymore, it's a responsibility". After finishing the job, they brought the canvas to the stadium. The agency responsible for that - Villarosas.


Chocolate Rain - cherry flavoured

You may remember Tay Zonday and his deep, no-frills interpretation that boomed on YouTube more than 12 million hits. Well, two weeks ago he posted an upgrade version, "Cherry Chocolate Rain", co-staring Mista Johnson and advocating for Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr Pepper drink.

This newer video has already got more than one million hits. It has the same melody as the original but different lyrics. "This is the web and it's gonna murder your TV" is my favourite part.


Xmas trees from WK


Save some paper those holidays and get yourself a virtual Xmas tree from the above mentioned site. There are PAC-mans, a pink elephant, skeletons, socks, a spider, a pair of dices, an eye, barbed wire and lots of other 'full of Xmas spirit' things to choose from in order to personalize yours (things that ordinary people put in their trees those days).

The ecological efforts of the advertising agency are larger than that - take a look on their blog to discover a cool winter atmosphere based on recycled cardboard.

P.S. Santa, don't even think about spamming some virtual presents under my tree.


Howly shit, there is no doubt about this one

via whyadvertisingsucks.com

Fuck, now I want a whopper too.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fido billboards, networked

An interactive billboard campaign for a Canadian wireless provider(Fido) is running until the end of the year on several buildings throughout Toronto.

P.S. Santa, could you please pass by Toronto and grab one of those damn cool projectors for that empty space below my Xmas tree. Don't worry, the billboard campaign can run without interactivity.


Tweety hits the wall

Just an ordinary Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York...

...with a big bird punked right there by Ogilvy & Mather, New York.


Urban culture cube


Here's a nice bold, raw, gritty, blotchy site for the urban style addicts. It has a big wall in case you want to express your graffiti talents and create a personalized screen saver or wallpaper, some free stuff to download for your desktop and a good advice: "The only rules are the ones you make. The ones you decide not to break." There's also something tricky about the way the cubes are spinning around, according to your mouse pointer.

And hereinafter is one little Transformers embryo promoting the site:


Monday, December 10, 2007

To drink or not to drink?


You’re young and you have nothing to lose, and I bet you like entertaining your friends with party stories. Just like the one in which you fall over drunk at a party and you are thrown out of the club and your best friend carries you home, at last. This is so typical for a fun night out!

But what if you see the same things in an advert? Especially in one that claims drinking with responsibility? Well, researchers realized that this behavior is not being frowned upon by youngster…To be more specific, “Extreme inebriation is often seen as a source of personal esteem,” said Professor Christine Griffin, from the University of Bath, who led the three-year study with the Royal Holloway, University of London, and the University of Birmingham (www.timesonline.co.uk). I wouldn’t say researchers needed to make a study on this, I really think it’s something related with the common sense. Teenagers find so cool people who have the guts drink until they fall down. They are simply seduced by this idea, as alcohol is an experience we all have tested in our teen years.

“The Choice is Yours” Campaign have been initiated in order to prevent alcohol consumption among young people, by using such images with alcohol-escapades. Clearly, the response will be quite the opposite…And maybe this was the very intention behind it. Else, the guys that made this campaign risk to be thrown out. Out their jobs, not out of bars.

Site sponsors include Diageo and other labels like Smirnoff, Bell's, Bailey's, Gordon's and Guinness. You have the story of an average party-goer’s night. Meeting new people, seeing double and spilling drinks are a part of the game.

Enjoy cautiously! It may have NO effect on your alcohol consumption!



Well, I wasn't expected to see Greeenpeace advocating on this tone for energy efficient light bulbs. Anyway, for those of you that may still wonder why a fluorescent light bulb usually costs ten times the price of an incandescent one, it is because it lasts 10.000 hours and not 1500.

P.S. If I were to spoof that spot, I would definitely go for glass or toilet napkins.


Dino Death Trap


National Geographic Channel is promoting its new series of dinosaurs documentary’s “Dino Death Trap" through a series of interactive games.

On the landing page of the site you can choose one of the two dinosaurs available, a Guanlong or a Mamenchiasaurus and then you can purge to scare people. All you have to do is to wait for a person to come around in your sights and then press the roar button. But please, don’t abuse that or else nobody will ever come to visit Central Park.


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Be Kind Rewind...videos


Jack Black and Mos Def are encouraging online sweding to promote their latest movie, Be Kind Rewind. Don't worry if you don't know what sweding means, the whole movie is based upon that idea.

OK, "sweding describes the practice of re-creating something from scratch using commonly available, everyday materials and technology", according to Wikipedia. And yup, the neologism is said to be coined and used for the first time in this movie.

At the above mentioned address you'll find 8 trailers, some cool, free stuff available for download (a screen saver, some AIM icons and wallpapers), the opportunity to upload your own sweding or to swede your face on a movie poster. The sad news is that we have to wait until next year to see that into a cinema. Until then, we are proud to invite you to go swede yourself...online!


Free your Buddy


GT London has developed an interactive advergame for Windows Mobile Live Messenger. Your job is to help one lonely bored green head to escape from the awful desktop technology that captured and locked him inside an old computer.

In order to complete the game, you have to follow a series of tasks and give orders to Buddy trough a Live Messenger window. With some of the objects around you'll find helpful hints coming from Buddy, but for the rest you'll have to prove yourself that bigger brains are hiding behind non-green heads.


Good morning angels

We are here to dig and blog about awe-inspiring stuff...so let's begin.