Monday, December 10, 2007

To drink or not to drink?

You’re young and you have nothing to lose, and I bet you like entertaining your friends with party stories. Just like the one in which you fall over drunk at a party and you are thrown out of the club and your best friend carries you home, at last. This is so typical for a fun night out!

But what if you see the same things in an advert? Especially in one that claims drinking with responsibility? Well, researchers realized that this behavior is not being frowned upon by youngster…To be more specific, “Extreme inebriation is often seen as a source of personal esteem,” said Professor Christine Griffin, from the University of Bath, who led the three-year study with the Royal Holloway, University of London, and the University of Birmingham ( I wouldn’t say researchers needed to make a study on this, I really think it’s something related with the common sense. Teenagers find so cool people who have the guts drink until they fall down. They are simply seduced by this idea, as alcohol is an experience we all have tested in our teen years.

“The Choice is Yours” Campaign have been initiated in order to prevent alcohol consumption among young people, by using such images with alcohol-escapades. Clearly, the response will be quite the opposite…And maybe this was the very intention behind it. Else, the guys that made this campaign risk to be thrown out. Out their jobs, not out of bars.

Site sponsors include Diageo and other labels like Smirnoff, Bell's, Bailey's, Gordon's and Guinness. You have the story of an average party-goer’s night. Meeting new people, seeing double and spilling drinks are a part of the game.

Enjoy cautiously! It may have NO effect on your alcohol consumption!