Saturday, December 15, 2007

Range Rover is pushing the digital limits in 2008

Now, the customers will have the ultimate experience of an online drivetest, thanx to a campaign launched by the company of a luxury sports utility vehicle: Land Rover.
The customers will be driven to a microsite (not already available) which will support digital and direct marketing for 2008, including the carbon dioxid offsetting program and other plans.
On the sote, yopu will be able to choose the features you’d like to have for your car, an dat the end, you can download the key.
The digital creative director at Wunderman, Say Evangelou: “The press advertising and outdoor make the initial statement and when you go into the site it is the digital extension that is able to tell the whole story. The user’s ability to download while they tour means their journey is uninterrupted. Then later, they can absorb the product.”

Wunderman is supposed to be the largest digital, creative and relationship marketing agency in the UK. Alongside Land Rover, clients include MSN, Learn Direct and San Miguel.