Thursday, December 13, 2007

Meet The Slobs

Office Depot launched a new microsite, full of slobs – “creatures that lurk behind cabinets and books, in the space of your office where nobody looks.” Those are made of pencils, keyboards, clipboards, CD albums and whatever you could usually find on a desk or in a Office Depot store.

Here you can create your own slob, but choose carefully because you only have 100 credits to spend on the components. The parts can be resized, rotated or flipped. After your little Frankenstain comes to life you can enter the challenges section in order to win more credits and upgrade him. Here you’ll have to choose your combatant and the site will contact him in order to start the challenge.

I recommend you to visit the Gallery section where you can post a photo of your home made slob and see how other uploaded slobs look alike.

P.S. Scarpy, posted by freek-killer and Penny by Max are my favourites.